Are you passionate about playing the lottery?

FIRST STEP: Change your mindset. As Bashar says, there is a profound difference between the idea of having your numbers match reality vs. reality matching your numbers. When we say, “I hope I pick the winning numbers” we speak as though the numbers are already drawn.

More importantly though, he says, what we’re actually doing when we play the lottery is processing our relationship to wealth and abundance. On the surface, we may think that what we really want is to win those millions of dollars. But, he claims, like with anything else, passion manifests itself into reality and, for many who play, there is no real passion in the lottery. The passion lies in doing whatever winning the lottery could afford us to do.

When you play the lottery, play it to allow yourself to get in touch with your relationship with wealth and be in the state that you prefer to be, and you will win every time in some way. When winning — in any way — becomes equal to winning in any other way, you actually afford yourself the greatest probability of allowing abundance to come to you in that way, as well as other ways in which you play.

Whether or not someone could actually manifest a literal lottery win by truly being passionate about the game is beside the point. What I take from this is that any time we align ourselves with our “true” selves, when we are pure in our intentions and open to exploring our internal relationships, we will manifest abundance in the most appropriate way. And when that happens, we all win.

Feature photo: Montage Communications