I’m just wondering when he’s coming to North America.

I BECAME A fan of Jamie Catto when I stumbled across What About Me?, a musical and cultural journey that took him and his filmmaking partner, Duncan Bridgeman, around the world. They weaved together this audio and visual masterpiece that also raises some very big life questions, including conversations with great thinkers like Noam Chomsky, Eckhart Tolle, Ram Dass, Tom Robbins, and Deepak Chopra.

I bought the DVD at the film fest where I saw it and watched it again. Then again. And again. Every time I popped it in the DVD player, something else would jump out at me; the layers are so deep that to this day, even after watching it at least a few dozen times, I see new things. The sad thing is, the movie is not available in North America. In 2010 I screened it in New York City. Last year I screened it in Nelson, BC.

I also interviewed Jamie over Skype. You can read our discussion here. Since then, he’s been working on several projects, the latest one being a series of workshops that he’s going on tour with in 2012. Titled “What About You?” his goal is to “unlock your creative potential and get what’s inside you out”, “connect yourself fully to your wholeness and reawaken your playful and inspired genius”, and “dissolve and release negative beliefs and patterns that have limited you or stood in your way.”

So far he’s booked in Amsterdam, London, Thailand, Mallorca, Bristol, and Greece. The two-day weekend workshops are by donation (suggested is 120-400 British pounds) and you can reserve a spot here. Below is a clip from one of his talks.

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