A mini documentary exploring the motivations and adventures of some of the sneakiest photographers.

URBAN EXPLORATION, or urbex for short, is the practice of entering interesting, inaccessible, often dilapidated and frequently forbidden places in the urban landscape in order to take interesting photographs from the inside.

Some urban explorers do it to obtain unique images from unlikely locations, others for the sheer thrill of sneaking past cameras and guards. Crack the Surface, a mini-documentary following some of the projects of an urbex crew in what appears to be London, makes for a fascinating insight into what drives someone to risk a fine – or worse – to go where few photographers dare.

If you dig the mini-doccie, then take a peek at the Silent UK website as well, for more details on some of the projects the group has completed in the past.

Crack The Surface – Episode I from SilentUK on Vimeo.

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