When we keep our minds open, the universe knocks and opportunity walks through the door.

THE OTHER DAY I was walking on Baker St (the main drag of Nelson), on my way to Grounded, a cafe that I frequently work in. Until recently, I thought it was the only one in town that had wifi. On the way there I passed John Ward, a cafe that recently opened. It used to be Jigsaws, which was a bit of a dive-y place that never had Internet. I saw a few people sitting inside with laptops. I walked in and asked if they had wifi. She told me yes; I thanked her and left, still intent on going to the other cafe.

I stopped outside the door, though. Something made me go back in, find a table, and order a coffee. As I opened my laptop I noticed someone sitting at the table next to me. I recognized him instantly. He runs a local newspaper which, due to the current state of the print business, had to make the move to online-only. He’s a man about town; I’ve known who he was shortly after arriving here just over a year ago and I’ve always wanted to make a connection. I always see him around, socializing with any number of town folk.

I could see he was busy working on something. It looked like he was editing a piece, so I didn’t disturb him. When he turned to get up I made my move and introduced myself, explaining to him what I do. We launched into a discussion about editing and how he’s been feeling a need to have some more editorial eyes for his newspaper. We decided that we would meet to have a proper conversation.


Last night I was downstairs in my neighbour’s suite. He’s a bassist in a band that just finished a Canada-wide tour. When he was in Montreal, he got to meet one of his cousins for the first time ever (he’s originally from the Yukon). He found out he was a musician, as well. A very good one, indeed; that’s him playing guitar in the video at the top.

He told me how they stayed up all night writing and producing a song together. They’ve made plans to get together again next year to possibly work on some projects and tour a little. He’s stoked. It was completely random, he’d had no idea.


I’ve learned a lot about faith in the past 18 months or so. Not faith in the I-believe-in-God way. But faith that things happen when they’re supposed to happen, and that when I have an intention, if I keep my eyes and mind wide open, the universe tends to deliver. It usually happens in ways that I never expect it to and it might not be until later (sometimes way later) that I look back in retrospect and realize it. But I’ve found that it’s almost always been exactly what I was looking for.