See Burning Man from a completely different point-of-view.

Burning Man means something different to every individual who decides to participate in this city, this world. This was my first year at Burning Man, though I had seen picture upon picture from at least the last eight years. Of course, pictures can never do justice to most any beautiful place, but it seemed to me that pictures do the least justice to Burning Man. There seemed no way to capture the multitude of movements, events, thoughts and feelings happening at any given moment in a two-dimensional format.

So I was both moved and surprised as I began to see some of the art my friend, photographer Bhaskar Banerji, came up with from this year’s burn. He was able to break free from two-dimensionality and into something that feels a bit closer to being there – chaos and clarity at the same time.

I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I did, and that if you haven’t been, that you will have a better sense of the essence of Black Rock City.

[Editor’s note: All photos are copyrighted. Please contact the photographer if you would like to purchase one.]


Climbing on globe

1. An art installation near Center Camp. As with many installations, people took to climbing as high as they could on this globe structure. Photo: Bhaskar Banerji


Light in the dark

2. A bright light in the dark. Photo: Bhaskar Banerji


Bikes, gas masks, lanterns, and globe

3. Bikes, gas masks, lanterns, and globe. And more bikes. Photo: Bhaskar Banerji


Fire dancer

4. This photo combines the Man from Burning Man 2008 with a fire dancer and audience from BM 2010. Photo: Bhakar Banerji


You again

5. You again? Photo: Bhaskar Banerji


Flying high

6. Flying high. Photo: Bhaskar Banerji


Bliss structure

7. More than a few pictures from this year's Burning Man include Bliss, the large woman structure of which many spent moments in awe. Here you can see part of her body as it was put together before the gates opened to the public. Photo: Bhaskar Banerji


Kissing and rainbow

8. Love and double rainbows. Toward the beginning of the week, it rained and a double rainbow appeared. There was much talk of this event - and double rainbow guy - throughout the rest of the week. Photo: Bhaskar Banerji


Bikes and cars

9. Two modes of transportation. I was surprised by how it looked driving into Burning Man, heading toward the camps. Not many pictures capture this part of the burn. This photo also shows the freedom and movement of the bike and its beads, while the cars show a sense of stuckness, of waiting to get out at the end. Photo: Bhaskar Banerji


Tiny temple

10. Longtime burner Noel Chandler said, "For me, this was a special place this year because I found so much peace there. I meditated there several times, either with friends or by myself and enjoyed the stillness, the quiet. Burning Man normally plays well with the ADD in me, it allows me to run around with a short attention span, giggling the whole time. This year I was able to experience being more present, in the now and the tiny temple served as a starting point to 'find my way in'." Photo: Toma Ramirez.


Women with haystacks

11. Freedom dance. Photo: Bhaskar Banerji


Man burning

12. The chaos - and bright lights - of the Burn. Photo: Bhaskar Banerji

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