I SWEAR, lack of imagination is going to kill us all. In this recent interview with the BBC’s Jeremy Paxman, Russell Brand presents the most compelling reason to stop voting. I don’t think his disillusionment with the current system is unreasonable at all — I have a feeling the majority of the population feels the same way.

Until now I’ve been part of the “if you don’t vote you have no say” camp — I see now the fault in that. Choosing not to vote can be just as much a political action as voting. We’ve been voting for decades and decades — and where has it gotten us? We’re still on the same trajectory as a civilization, regardless of improvements in anyone’s individual life, and that trajectory is straight for our civilization’s fall.

Can you really vote for change within a system that is clearly broken? Does it matter who gets voted in? Are we continually propping up a government system that fails to address the needs and well-being of not only its citizens, but of those all around the world? Are we just kicking the can down the road?

Russell Brand sees hope in the inevitableness of revolution. He sees this as the end of the line for the current paradigm — one that benefits a very small percentage of the population at the expense of a vast majority. It doesn’t matter that he can’t envision what the next system will be; it doesn’t matter that he can’t articulate to Paxman exactly how we’re going to fix things. The only thing that matters is that we wake up to the reality of the state that the world is in, and that we say enough.