A ragtag group of photographers takes an assortment of cameras to Penang to create art.

AS FILM PHOTOGRAPHY takes its last breaths worldwide, the medium continues to find photographers who revel in using it for artistic projects of various kinds. The Negative Effect is a lo-fi documentary shot in Malaysia which follows a group of enthusiastic photographers who still use everything from Lomos to old-style polaroid cameras to make their pictures.

The group leaves for Penang island with the intention of shooting a series of images across wildly different cameras in different areas before bringing them together in an impromptu exhibition titled Gia Gia Kua Kua (“walk walk & see see”) a day later.

As the project unfolds, the photographers explore what photography means to them, their affection for cameras that – to some – no longer have a place in the world. In a way, the awkwardness of film photography in a digital world dovetails with the experience of being a teenager and not quite fitting in, making the documentary a promising examination of more than an artistic whim.

As they make their way to Penang and exhibition day draws near, each photographer needs to master their camera and the challenge of shooting to their respective media in time. To find out more about the documentary, check out their web page.

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