I’VE spent a fair amount of time in the US. I’ve traveled through and around Idaho, Montana, Utah, Washington, Oregon, and California. I spent three months in New York City where I was super surprised at how friendly and helpful people were, especially on the subway. I’ve also been to Hawaii and I’ve met Americans while traveling and at home. Hell, I work with mostly people from the states. There are certain negative stereotypes of Americans which I think you already know, but it’s a bum rap you got.

The above video is a compilation of your average Canadian telling why they think America is already great (ie it doesn’t need to be made great “again”), put together by Toronto ad agency The Garden. They’ve put a call out to their website tellamericaitsgreat.com for Canadians to upload themselves complimenting the US and started the #tellamericaitsgreat social media campaign.

As a Canadian myself, I hope this makes things a little bit easier for you as you go through this challenging time. We’re rooting for you America.