Derek Wallace is a guy on a mission. He’s embarking on a world-wide tour working on organic farms and in exchange for room/board through a network called “World-Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms” (“wwoofing” for short).

The purpose of his trip is two-fold: to write a book about how other cultures have tackled the issue of sustainability and to bring back methods of organic communal gardening that United States citizens can employ to help combat their addiction to petroleum-based produce grown on factory farms.

He’s put together a pretty comprehensive website, for which he’ll use to post blogs, photos, videos, recipes, and even music from the various interesting people he’s sure to meet on the road.

Visit to learn more.

Keep an eye out for an exclusive interview with Derek Wallace, which we’ll be publishing in the future. Not only is he wildly creative, he’s also a prolific writer.

For this reason, the interview will be divided into fascinating bite-size chunks, covering topics like peak oil, couchsurfing, terrorism, war, and yes, sustainability.

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