Editor Christine Garvin sends out a little gratitude to the readers for her first year at BNT.

It’s been a hell of a ride so far / Photo: Bhaskar Banerji

Exactly one year ago today, I (with the help of founding Editor Ian MacKenzie, of course) posted my first article on BNT as co-editor.

That article, Yoga As Blasphemy? Muslim Clerics Ban Practice, kicked off a writing frenzy for the next 365 days that I could never have previously imagined possible. One that would never have had a chance to be complete without your insightful, supportive, challenging, and even sometimes painful commentary.

Each and every comment you’ve made has not only created a powerful dialogue that inched us forward as a human race, but also has, without a doubt, made me a stronger writer. So I can say nothing more than “thank you”, truly from the bottom of my heart. Since I can’t come to your house and shake your hand (or can I?), here’s a little video to show you my gratitude:

Don’t worry – I’m not leaving, just trying to commemorate the moment, and look ahead to the coming year. For that, I ask for your help. Ian and I are always looking for ways to improve BNT, make each of you feel like a valued member of this community, and to bring you stories that matter.

What areas most intrigue you? What would you like to see less of? More prizes? Less junk? You get the drift. Drop us a line in the comments below.