If there really is nothing we can do to save the planet, what would you do?

It’s certainly a bit scary when James Lovelock, the man who “achieved global fame for his theory that the whole earth is a single organism”, thinks that we’re doomed. In his words, there’s nothing we can do to turn back climate change now:

Lovelock says:

We’ve sort of pulled a trigger…we’re like somebody who goes for a walk in the woods and finds a gun lying on the ground, picks it up, and experimentally pulls the trigger, not realizing it was loaded, and shoots somebody or does some damage. We’re like that; were not really guilty, we didn’t deliberately set up to heat the world. But, as a result of what we’ve done to build our civilization, we’ve set things in motion.

In a way, this “giving up” goes beyond just the environmental question. It also surpasses our normal line of questioning, i.e. what the world could look like if we changed our deep-seeded (some say greedy) habits.

Somehow, this might be the next paradigm: what do we do with the possibility of having to be a different form of human in order to survive a world we don’t yet understand? Is human survival even possible? Will the robots (i.e. the computers, the cell phones, the cars) we’ve created be what survives as we become extinct?

Some might think that accepting global warming, and the disintegration of humanity as we know it, is out of our hands just equals a free-for-all. Others might see it as an end-for-all.

How do you want to live the rest of your life either way? Share your thoughts below.

Feature photo: azrainman