Hi, I’m Zack Arias. I’m going a hundred miles an hour down a dead end road.

Not all journeys start outside our front door.

Artist and photographer Zack Arias was asked to compose a guest post for a blog, and returned instead with Transform, a journey into his anxieties as an artist and a human being in a world where we are constantly reminded to compete, constantly made to see all the things we are not.

Simply shot, Transform is a raw and honest account. In many respects, it speaks to anxieties that I’ve long carried inside. A restlessness to be more, to be better. A dark sort of monologue that comes to me in the quiet times- when I stop moving long enough in the world outside to finally take precious handful of steps inside. To that part of me, Zack’s self-examination speaks uncomfortably loudly:

“Chances are you have your voice. You can say whatever you want to say right now. So what are you saying?”