Are we using travel adventures to escape from a society we can’t seem to change?

Take off on a six month hike along the Appalachian Trail. Decide to go into the woods and fast for 30 days. Are we all just at a breaking point?

The man in the video clip below from Slow Down and Fast decided to explore the idea of “living within and living without” by drinking only water and spending a month alone in the wilderness. To some, that may seem extreme, but to others, these are the only types of choices we truly have left:

Many of you have probably seen or read Into the Wild or Grizzly Man, so it’s not as if the desire to disconnect from modern living is a new one (mystics have also followed this process for thousands of years).

But it seems sometimes to me that as we are forcibly being pushed to our body’s limits, what with all the iPads and the Google Buzz’s, our systems are unable to fully grasp the technology, politics, and terrorizing news constantly put upon us.

What was down is now up, what was true beyond any doubt is now false. Sometimes it feels pointless to read the news not only because it’s depressing, but also because whatever is fact today will be fiction tomorrow. And finding the truth in talking heads is damn near impossible.

As Jaime Byrd notes on the Slow Down and Fast blog:

Confusion and turmoil in a modern day world has become so challenging at times, that we do whatever we can to disconnect and alter our consciousness in order to make it bearable.

My question is, are more and more of us checking out (or wanting to) of society because we feel powerless to change it? Traveling with an inner or spiritual purpose dates back to the beginning of civilization, but I do sometimes wonder if my own mental masturbation with just saying “f— it all, I’m outta here” has more to do with frustration at the fast pace and insincerity of our current system more than anything else.

Do you think these types of travel experiences are more about developing the spirit or escaping the craziness of everyday life? Share your thoughts below.