Is waiting really a waste of time, or is our perspective on time what we need to change?

Time is often thought to be a concrete thing we can’t shift or bend. What we might fail to see or remember is that time is relative to the space and place we find ourselves in; that culture and social norms define time more than time defines culture.

This sweet video from the creative kids over at RSAnimate brings Professor Philip Zimbardo’s speech about how our “individual perspectives of time affect our work, health and well-being” to magic-marker life:

The good professor talks toward the end of the video about a “fundamental change” going on in our culture with the younger generation, that things like video games and computers have redefined time in the West, and that we must adapt to this new reality.

But I can’t help but wonder if we should take “waiting is a waste of time” and flip it on its head, expanding time through the process of patience and waiting? (This, of course, is coming from a woman currently chomping at the bit because her computer is down.)

How does time define the purpose of our existence? Share your thoughts below.

Feature photo: h. koppdelaney