MOST OF US IMAGINE THE LIFE OF AN ASTRONAUT (or a cosmonaut, as they call it in Russia), to be an incredibly romantic life. Floating through space, looking back on the pale blue dot that is the Earth, and doing bizarre things in low gravity: it all sounds awesome.

But a few Russian cosmonauts were caught on tape discussing (in very R-rated language) what life in space is really like. As they traveled from earth to their assignment on the International Space Station, they talk about the pain of saying good bye to their kids (“why the f*** do I need all that, right?”) and the depression that comes with returning home (“Once you land, you get depressed, and after awhile, it all feels normal again.”

Perhaps the best part is when one of them decides he’s fed up with the grind of flying through space. “No, f*** it. I’m done with this. This is my last time.” His partner replies, “We live as long as we work and fly. Once you lay on the couch, you die.” Wise words, from our foul-mouthed Russian friends.

Featured photo by Kevin Gill