Chances are, you’ve seen Matt and his “Dancing” video already. Along with just about everyone else on the internet, I’ve previously mentioned him here under a post about inspirational travel sites that will make you pity your day job.

So what’s Matt been doing since then? Dispensing his sage wisdom.

Earlier this month, he was named one of the 40 Greatest Internet Superstars in a Vh1 television special. And has posted a pretty thorough interview with Matt about his fame, lessons learned, and most memorable moments from the road.

Here’s a choice exerpt:

What did Matt learn from his travels?

Sometimes other people limit our options for us, sometimes we limit our options and we create the boundaries for our existence and say, “I can only do this, this is the job I’m cut out for, this is what I can do.”

I think it’s really important when you realize that you’re the one creating those boundaries and you have control over them, there’s no lock on the cage, and you can open up the door, go outside and do whatever you want.

Watch the film above and read the full transcript.

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