A new type of urn helps complete the cycle of life.

I’VE TALKED ABOUT hugging trees before. How about taking that to another level and becoming a tree? I came across this post at Big Think profiling a new product called Bios Urn, created by Spanish designer Martin Azua.

The urn is made from biodegradable materials only: coconut shells, compacted peat, and cellulose. Depending on where you live and what your choice of plant you’d like to grow into, the seed that goes inside can vary. From the website:

The Bios Urn project reintroduces the human being to the natural circle of life. It is the profane ritual of regeneration and the return to nature.

The cycle of life fascinates me, and is why I also posted a photo essay about mushrooms. Rather than being put into a box from trees that have been cut down, how about turning yourself into one of those trees? Sounds good to me.

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