STEPHEN JENKINSON, who founded the Orphan Wisdom School with his wife Nathalie, pontificates on one of life’s biggest questions: How does one go about finding meaning at the end of life?

As he states in the video, this conundrum is a modernist one. The phrase “finding meaning” implies that it is “hidden” or “you’re not looking in the right place.” Our culture is petrified of death. We don’t talk about it; we rage against it. Outside of gruesome deaths in the news and movies, we’re not exposed to it as a natural state of being human on any regular basis.

Life does not feed life. Life is on the receiving end of life. Always. It’s death that feeds life. It’s the end of life that gives life a chance.

This short film, shot and directed by former Matador editor Ian Mackenzie, is strangely inspiring and comforting, and makes the current state of Western culture, which Jenkinson says is at the “beginning of a terminal swoon,” feel like the natural order of things.

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