Some people may believe my occasional forays into the topic of news and media is diverging from our mandate of brave new travel. But when you think about it, the issues actually quite related.

Our view of the world and other cultures is largely coloured by the lens of big newspapers and television. In the past, diversity of opinion is what kept the multitude of lenses from swinging too far from reality. You could pick a few sources, and find your own truth in the middle.

These days the tentacles of big media have largely enveloped these once independent sources. And they’ve been spewing toxic sludge instead of thoughtful reporting ever since.

Case in point: the two largest newspapers in Vancouver this week carried front page stories about Paris Hilton’s jail sentence (and I’m sure the coverage was even more thorough in the US).

How to combat this noxious pollution? Support alternative news sources. Stop reading big media. And turn off your TV.

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