According to, Hungary stepped up its purge of Monsanto seed by destroying 1,000 acres of maize.

Genetically modified crops are banned in Hungary.

The farmers who used the Monsanto seed did so without knowing they were using GMO seed, and the crops have now been plowed over, said Hungary’s deputy state secretary of the Ministry of Rural Development, Lajos Bognar, who added that this was done without spreading the pollen.

Monsanto’s practice of getting farmers by the short hairs when their stock is modified by nearby crops’ pollen, making them pay for the company’s intellectual property after testing their crops for the company’s genetic markers, seems not to be the main issue here (Learn more about this by watching Food Inc.). Ag giant Monsanto’s genetically modified seed is simply not welcome in the nation of Hungary.

Still, though this is good news for those that oppose the exploitative business practices of Monsanto, it’s bad news for the farmers who have lost crops through no fault of their own. Apparently, the company that sold and distributed the seed is going out of business, so while that company’s creditors may see reimbursement, the farmers who have lost their crops will not.

It’s still unknown how many thousands of acres of maize may have been grown using the GMO seed, but since the season is well underway, there will be no recompense for the farmers whose crops have been contaminated.

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