If someone asked me to pack my things and move to China for the rest of my life, away from friends and family forever, I wouldn’t really have a problem with it. Maybe that’s because, despite being halfway around the world, I’d still be on the same planet as the ones I left back home. To me, that’s more comforting than flying for eight months to an entirely different part of our solar system, by rocketship. Also, the idea of dying in space totally freaks me out.

This woman is one of 1,058 people to be shortlisted for a chance to set up a fully-functioning colony on Mars. The privately funded Mars One project is racing against other scientific and governmental space agencies for a chance to be the first to produce a thriving community of humans on Mars. They opened the application pool to just about anyone who thinks a one-way ticket to Mars isn’t a crazy idea; those selected for the final round will complete eight years of training, and then be sent to the Red Planet in groups of four.

I don’t know about you, but this sounds totally shady. Instead of recruiting well-trained scientists, medical or military personnel, theoretically the loser down the street who spends all of his time playing video games and eating Doritos has a chance of starting the first colony on Mars. Not to mention, who funds space travel with an Indiegogo campaign? I admire the idea of giving “ordinary” people the chance to experience something extraordinary, but maybe send them a few years after people who know what they are doing get it “right” first?