BOYAN SLAT IS GOING TO SAVE THE WORLD’S oceans, and he’s going to do it after only being alive for two decades. Slat, a 20-year-old Dutch native, decided he wanted to clean the oceans after a diving trip to Greece where he saw tons of plastic in the water. He has created a massive floating contraption that will passively clean the world’s oceans.


Photo: Ocean Cleanup

The device, which is 2,000 meter’s long, will use the world’s ocean currents to guide the garbage towards a solid barrier. The passive use of the current makes this cleanup far more energy efficient than other methods, and the solid barrier is preferable to a net, which might also ensnare wildlife. Slat ultimately has the goal of cleaning up the massive Pacific Garbage Patch, but for now, he is starting with the first system being deployed off the coast of Japan sometime next year.

Give Slat’s talk on his company, Ocean Cleanup’s, plan for cleaning the world’s oceans.