EVERY MONTH OR SO, WE TRY AND COMPILE SOME OF THE most interesting, informative maps out on the internet. There’s no shortage of them: there are websites, blogs, and subreddits dedicated entirely to cartography. Because people love maps. They can convey an infinite amount of information in easily digestible, visually interesting comparative ways. Their construction can have social and political implications (Aaron Sorkin famously explained these implications in an episode of his TV seriesThe West Wing).

Some of the maps this month include the states that still celebrate confederate holidays, the most popular books set in each state, the countries with the smallest amounts of Muslims, Christians, and unaffiliateds, and the best countries to live in if you want to survive climate change.


The largest company by revenue in each state

The largest company by state. Via


The price of weed in each state.

According to Forbes. Via


Which state is the most underrated

According to Business Insider, these are the states Americans rate "most underrated." Via


The most popular book set in each state

Based on the book's Goodreads score. Via


The hourly wage required to afford a 2-bedroom rental in each state.

According to the Huffington Post. Via


US defensive pacts

The creator notes, "The US is bound by treaty to protect a quarter of humanity." Via


Map of cousin marriage by percentage

These are the countries with high percentages of cousin marriage. Via


Nations where Christians make up less than 1% of the population.



Nations where Muslims make up less than one percent of the population



Countries where less than one percent of the population is not affiliated with any religion

Atheists, agnostics, and "spiritual but not religious" included. Via


States that still celebrate confederate holidays.

States that still celebrate Confederate holiday, officially or otherwise. Source


The skin color of the heads of state

According to the Fitzpatrick scale, a dermatological scale used for pigmentation research. Via


Countries that are at war with ISIS

The key, according to the creator: Red: Countries officially at war with ISIS. Blue: Countries currently performing counter-attacks, air support, and/or ground forces against ISIS. Green: Countries providing military equipment to nations fighting ISIS. Purple: Countries otherwise helping the nations fighting ISIS. Via


The world divided into 200 countries of equal population

You can see where the population is the densest. Via


Europe by their culinary horror

The grossest foods in each European country. Via


The religions of China

The key, if you can't make it out in the corner: Red: Chinese traditional religions: including worship of gods and ancestors, Confucianism and Taoism, Yellow: Buddhism Dark green: Islam, Purple: Ethnic minorities' indigenous religions, Blue: Mongolian shamanism, Light green: Dongbei folk religion and Manchu shamanism. Via


The most distinctive deaths by state

The measurement "most distinctive" refers not to the number of deaths, but to the number of deaths as compared to the national average. Via


Percentage of people in Europe saying they're "very happy."

The happiest and saddest places in Europe. Via


The legal systems of the world

A larger version is available here.


Indian land cessions over time

These are only cessions to the United States, not to Spain. A larger version is available here. Via


These six countries make up half of the world's population

The countries are the US, Brazil, China, India, Pakistan, and Indonesia. Via


The most common job in each state

There are a whole lot of truck drivers in this country. Via


The countries most reliant on non-renewable, non-nuclear energy sources

China and India are particularly troubling, as they are some of the biggest carbon emitters. Via


Percentage of last 30 elections that each state has voted for the Presidential winner

Don't be confused: the number in the state refers to the number of electoral votes, the color refers to the percentage. Via



Dark green represents most happy, red represents least happy. This is according to a survey of 115,000 gay men around the world. Via


Belief of God in the EU

Percentage that believe in god by country. Via


The world's straightest roads

The least curvy-road part of the world? The American Midwest. Via


The most disproportionately popular cuisine in each state.



Obesity in America

For the year 2011. Via


The true size of Africa

Larger version here


Death rate for drug and alcohol use

By county. Via


The best places to ride out climate change

According to the University of Notre Dame Global Adaptation Index, these are the countries best prepared for climate change. Via


Gender difference in years of education

According to the CIA Factbook. Via


Average spending on lottery tickets per state

For the fiscal year of 2014. Via

h/t: The MapPorn subreddit was incredibly useful for finding a lot of these. Check them out for maps, commentary, and critiques for these maps and thousands more.[/mn_slideshow_slide]