It’s man vs. beast (the kudu) in this amazing race. Photo: kevincure

When Matador co-founder and CEO Ross Borden sent the link to this video and asked me to do something with it, I was thrilled.

I could finally confess publicly that I have a thing for David Attenborough (he’s the old white guy and narrator of this video).


Because if you live to be his age (he’s 83) and you’re still as active, hard-working, and passionate as he is, then you’ll know you’ve really gotten the most of your time on the planet (even if you don’t have the title of “Sir” before your name).

But what’s really cool about this video isn’t Attenborough; it’s the hunters who track the kudu and the runner who pursues the kudu in an exercise of mental will and physical persistence… for a full eight hours:

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