FROM THE GRAND CANYON to Yellowstone, Yosemite to Grand Teton, America’s iconic parks are facing imminent threats both within and just outside their borders. That’s why the National Parks Conservation Association has launched #ParksInPeril — a campaign that calls on the Obama Administration to take action and prevent the following threats before time runs out.

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Arches National Park

Call to action: Prevent industrial drilling from spoiling vistas, natural sound, and dark skies by finalizing a sensible oil and gas leasing plan on lands surrounding the park.
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Biscayne National Park

Call to action: Give the park’s severely depleted fish and corals a chance to recover by implementing a marine reserve.
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Colonial National Historical Park

Call to action: Prevent the irreversible loss of the historic character of Jamestown by stopping massive, obstructive transmission towers near the site.
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Glacier National Park

Call to action: Block oil wells from drilling into sacred tribal lands outside the park’s east entrance by cancelling decades-old leases that were issued in violation of federal environmental laws.
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Grand Canyon National Park

Call to action: Prevent massive commercial development near the South Rim from sucking dry precious water sources by denying a right of way across adjacent national forest land.
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Grand Teton National Park

Call to action: Protect wildlife and iconic mountain views by acquiring state lands in the heart of the park that are at imminent risk of being sold to private developers.
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Mojave National Preserve

Call to action: Stop an industrial-scale renewable energy project from being built next to the park, in an important wildlife corridor.
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Yellowstone National Park

Call to action: End the senseless slaughter of bison and provide these living symbols of wild America with more room to roam by finalizing a more sensible management plan.
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Yosemite National Park

Call to action: Speed the restoration of clean healthy air, now estimated to take centuries, by strengthening clean air rules and holding polluters accountable.
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