Photo: J.C. Rojas

Just in time for World Water Week, Annie Leonard–known for her popular YouTube video, “The Story of Stuff”— tells “The Story of Bottled Water.”

This week is World Water Week, a time when environmentalists encourage us to become more conscious of and conscientious about our water usage.

For those of us living in the “developed” world, water is seemingly so abundant and accessible that we’re inclined not to worry about this particular natural resource.

But as Annie Leonard explains in her new video, “The Story of Bottled Water,” our water usage–and, in particular, our use of bottled water–affects people all over the world:

Community Connection:

Want to learn more about your own water usage and how you can use water more conscientiously? UNICEF has some useful resources on its TAP Project website, and here on Matador we have lots of ways you can learn more about water usage:

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