Photo: Tempo No Tempo

Maybe you read our Earth Day article earlier this week and rolled your eyes with a sense of exasperation and self-satisfaction.

“I already use rechargeable batteries and carry a reusable bag and a travel mug. None of my appliances are plugged in unless they’re being used.”

Maybe you even have a window garden.

Good for you.

But are you the greenest person on the planet?

That’s what National Geographic and the other sponsors of the Greenest Person on the Planet Competition want to know.

If the answer is yes, you’ll win an iPod or an iPhone, as well as some environmentally conscious prizes: 10 trees planted on your behalf and an animal adopted in your name by the Defenders of Wildlife.

But you’ll have to prove you’ve got what it takes to be the greenest person on the planet.

For all the details about how to enter the contest, visit the competition’s website here.