Now that we’ve reached the end of Shark Week, I suppose it’s okay to tell you: Shark Week is lying to you. Or actually, the Discovery Channel is lying to you. Even though there is an audience that’s plenty big enough that would enjoy actual nature documentaries about the already-fascinating sharks, the Discovery Channel has realized it can get great ratings by creating sensationalized, dramatized, or patently false documentaries about “megasharks” or “serial killer sharks.”

It’s really a shame they’ve gone that route because the public does need a lot of education about these misunderstood creatures, and there is no reason that people wouldn’t enjoy that just as much as the documentary equivalent of Sharknado.

In this video, Vox explains why the Discovery Channel is full of it. Hopefully the attention that videos like this bring to the issue force them to go back to producing actual educational television shows. And then maybe they can fill up every other week of the year with a specific animal: “Gator Week” would surely be a hit.