Sarah Shourd

Photo: Bombardier

Sarah Shourd is free.

After more than a year in Iran’s Evin Prison, and after a tense week during which the Iranian government said it would free Sarah, then retracted, then asked for a half a million USD in bail money, Sarah Shourd is finally free.

Sarah, who has written for Matador, has arrived in Oman, according to this CNN report, and is expected to return to the United States soon.

Iranian officials stated that they decided to release Shourd because of a pre-existing medical condition. Her friends, Josh Fattal and Shane Bauer, remain in detention and are expected to go to trial in Iran.

Free the Hikers, the organization established to advocate for the Shourd, Fattal, and Bauer, states that it will continue to advocate for Fattal’s and Bauer’s release. To learn what you can do to support their efforts, visit the Free the Hikers website.