Ryan Carson, the CEO of Treehouse realized something after he had kids. He realized that he only had an “18 year window” with his children and no matter how much money he made or how successful he was, there was one thing he could never buy: time.

So, he changed his company policy to have employees work only four days a week. Through the successful model of his company, he saw how this policy something “doable for real companies and real people in highly competitive markets.”

Employees say that the time off helps “foster creative energy,” but that’s not Carson’s biggest motivation. As he says in the video, “We basically take ridiculously good care of people because we think it’s the right thing to do.”

Carson goes on to say, “We are in a time in human history where for the first time it’s possible to work less.” So, why not take advantage? Check out the video to hear more.

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