The world, for some reason, is still having the debate about whether or not climate change is a real threat. Part of this is because climate change is discussed mostly as a “future” problem, which skeptics can dismiss as a type of alarmist prophecy. The thing is, climate change is already happening, including perhaps its most devastating effect: sea level rise.

In early June, there were reports that the ice sheets in West Antarctica had started melting out of control, and that this would result in a slow sea-level rise over time…and there isn’t anything we can do about it.

The timelines generally have this happening over a period of hundreds of years, which we mistakenly think should put our minds at ease. Even if sea level rise is incremental, it’s already happening. The National Climate Assessment recently released a report, and this video, talking about how sea level rise — which results in more frequent flooding, erosion, and property damage — is going to be a factor in our lives from now on.