Making films about the world’s problems and progress may not be the same as working on the ground, sleeves rolled up.

Photo: Fuseman

But films, when well-done, can be carried to all corners of the world, raising viewers’ awareness of problems and audacious social change projects and inspiring them to get involved.

This is one of the core values of the Global Oneness Project.

I’ve written about the Global Oneness Project before, but this time it’s to announce some free community building events coming up in the Pacific Northwest.

If you live in Olympia, Seattle, Portland, Bellingham, Eugene, or Victoria, BC, you’re invited to Global Oneness Project’s film and conversation series, the New Narrative Project, which kicks off this week. The series promises engaging short films, good conversation among people who care about the same things you do, and the chance to meet filmmakers.

The full schedule and more details can be found here.

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