Breaking down the scale of the emergency.

THE MEDIA CIRCUS moved on. The famine in the horn of Africa, sadly, did not. Yet once the deluge of dramatic photographs of the starving, and accounts of life from the Dadaab refugee camp in Kenya died down, there has been precious little additional information on the unfolding catastrophe.

Do you know how to support the relief effort? Do you know how many people will be affected? That it’s more than the population of Washington DC? That the famine has resulted in a 660% increase in cases of measles since last year? That famine and measles were even related?

Usefully, has put together an infographic of the scale of the event, to illustrate just how much of an emergency it remains.

The only statistic more shocking than the number of lives unnecessarily ending, is the number of people who have forgotten that it’s even happening.

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