“AMERICANS WASTE 33 million tons of food each year.” Staggering, but not surprising. I’m sure, per capita, that the numbers aren’t much, if at all, better in Canada. One of the grocery stores where I live used to have a bin out back where lots of people went dumpster diving, recovering perfectly good food (they would throw things like boxes of granola bars out because they were dented). Unfortunately they went out of business; the remaining grocery stores lock up their bins and truck out the waste nightly making sure no one can get at their discarded food.

Sometimes when governments are slow to act to help their people you need to take matters into your own hands. That’s exactly what this group of college students, led by Ben Simon who founded the Food Recovery Network, are doing. As of today, since it was founded in September 2011, they’ve recovered and donated 245,284 pounds of food.

So many people going hungry while there’s so much abundance in the community has to be one of the biggest shames of our society. Find out how you can get involved on their website.