Every year the US National Park Service has fee-free days, and the first of these are coming up this weekend!

WHILE some national parks offer free entrance year round, going to visit other parks can be expensive, with some entrance fees over $25. The free days are a great opportunity to hit up the parks you might not normally go to.

The National Park Service website lists more than 100 parks that are participating in the fee-free weekend. Besides this weekend, there are several other times throughout the year that the NPS lets you into parks for free; check out the website for the details.

If you camp or hike in national parks often, it might make sense to buy an annual pass, especially if you go to the more expensive parks. It’s 80 bucks and will get you into national parks, wildlife refuges, and land managed by the Bureau of Land Management. It’s good for your whole car (up to 4 people).