EVERYONE LOVES LEGO. You can build everything out of them, and their movie features Batman and a song called “Everything Is Awesome.” There’s literally nothing not to like about them, unless your kid leaves them out on the floor and you step on them with bare feet. But hey, that’s more your fault for not teaching your child to clean up.

Greenpeace is playing the role of the buzzkill, though, by drawing attention to Shell Oil’s advertising partnership with LEGO, which they believe is an attempt to lighten Shell’s public image by equating themselves with smiling toys and little blocks that you can turn into anything. So they made the most depressing video ever (with a new, huge bummer of a version of “Everything Is Awesome”), showing all of your favorite Lego characters — from Jon Snow to Harry Potter’s Hedwig — drowning in oil.

If you agree with Greenpeace’s message, you can sign their petition to LEGO here.

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