THIS HOLIDAY SEASON, help pedal a revolution by supporting the work of Mountain2Mountain with the women who dare to ride as part of the Afghan National Cycling Team.

Bikes are used around the world as vehicles of social justice, decreasing gender violence, increasing access to education and medical care, and building confidence through the use of bikes in sport competitions. In Afghanistan, this simple tool isn’t an option, as it has never been culturally acceptable for women to ride bikes. The women that are now riding as part of the national team are literally the first Afghan women to do so. The risks they take to simply pedal a bicycle are massive, and every mile ridden breaks cultural taboos and stigmas.

Afghan National Women's Cycling Team

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Mountain2Mountain has been working to support the women’s national team for the past year with gear donations, training clinics, and plans to support their participation in regional racing outside of Afghanistan along with additional training, coaching, and nutrition.

You can help directly as we continue to support the cycling movement in Afghanistan with the Afghan Women’s National Team and the cycling federation in Kabul. This spring, we’re starting the first women’s mountain bike team and road biking team in Bamiyan, a province in the Hindu Kush mountains of central Afghanistan.

We need your help to pedal a revolution in Afghanistan! From now until Christmas, we’ve set a goal of donating 100 bikes to the women’s cycling program and the teams we’re fostering this spring. We are also creating a team fund for future regional racing and team development.

$100 = 1 bike for 1 Afghan girl to be part of a two-wheeled revolution! Couldn’t be simpler! Just go to:

Want to gift a bike as a present? Email us at and we’ll arrange for a pdf certificate to be emailed to you to print and give to your friends and family for the holidays.

Can’t give a full bike, or want to give more? Here are a few other ways you can help:

  • $40 = 1 tank of petrol to support training rides for the Kabul women’s team to get transported to and from safe training roads
  • $50 = 1 cycling kit for a female rider
  • $500 = sponsor an Afghan woman to race (airfare, lodging, entry fees)
  • $1000 = sponsor training and setup for a bike mechanic to maintain the bikes and support the team

You can also donate any amount to go into a fund to support the ongoing costs of the national team and the expansion of the women’s cycling movement, including: renting a minivan and driver to get the Kabul team safely to and from training grounds outside of Kabul, and paying for travel costs for regional racing, entry fees, supplemental food, team mechanics, coaching clinics, cycling equipment, clothing, etc.

Want to learn more? Visit, or watch Mountain2Mountain founder and Matador Ambassador Shannon Galpin’s TEDx talk about a Two Wheeled Revolution above.