As seen in this video, Chilean police do not spare the tear gas.

All you need to know before you watch this is that it’s not staged, the sindicato de carteros is the “letter-carriers union,” and that Alaa Alsadi did us all a huge favor by showing the truth of what’s going on behind police aggression against the protesters in Chile. Thankfully there is no video of the police officer who squeezed off two bullets from his uzi into the air just the other day, one of which struck and killed Manuel Gutierrez, aged 16 , in the district of Macúl, Santiago.

You can watch the officer lob the grenade at :28, into a closed building. It’s hard to know how to react to these violent acts. Making them public worldwide is a small consolation.

Chile Debe Ser Distinto 25/8/2011 (Chile Should be Different) from ALAA ALSADI on Vimeo.

* Feature image by mattlemon.

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