“They’re fighting for the most important source of life on Earth — water. Will you fight with them?”

THAT’S THE QUESTION posed by the ClearWater Project. This community-led initiative recently launched with one mission — to provide sustainable, clean water to the thousands of farmers and indigenous families in the northeastern Ecuadorian Amazon, where many of the rivers and streams have been poisoned by oil industry operations.

And while straight donations are great, you can do even more. The project, in collaboration with Groundwork Opportunities, has designed a fundraising platform that allows volunteers, fundraisers, and anyone who wants to support ClearWater to create their own fundraising page, with every dollar raised going to the cause.

“If we sent volunteers to second hand sites to fundraise for their cause, such as kickstarter or the like, we realized they were losing upwards of 15%-20% (from fees) by the time the money actually got to the ground. We wanted to do better than that and keep our 100% to cause promise, which is what we have built with this platform.

For ClearWater, it’s important that people see that this is a community led project, born out of the communities and being run by the communities, and then take a part in the project in a direct and meaningful way that actually has an impact on the ground.” ~Jenny O’Connor, a director of Groundwork Opportunities

Photo courtesy of ClearWater

As a “Champion” fundraiser for ClearWater, you’ll be able to use your social networks to raise money specifically for rainwater harvesting tanks. These tanks are the best immediate solution for families in the area, as they’re fairly affordable ($1,300), durable, and can be constructed by any trained technician with access to basic tools.

Raise the money for just one tank, and you’ve provided an entire family clean drinking water for the next 50 years. Get started now.

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