This video demonstration attempts to prove that the TSA’s full-body scanners are ineffective, as well as invasive.

BLOGGER JONATHAN CORBETT, who filed suit against the TSA in 2010 for violating the fourth amendment right to privacy, is now claiming their “nude body scanner” program is “effectively worthless, as anyone can beat them with virtually no effort.” His evidence is so simple it’s hard to believe — because the scanner images show front and back views of a person in white on a black background, dark objects (such as firearms) are all but invisible if concealed on the person’s side.

To prove his point, Jon walks through scanners at two separate airports with a heavy metal carrying case in a pocket he sewed onto the side of his shirt, getting both incidents on film.

It would be easy to fake this type of video with a little editing. Still, the fact that actual threats to air travel safety are detected by intelligence, not screenings, is just one of the reasons the TSA is not helping us. In particular, the full-body scanners are an invasion of privacy and emit a nice unhealthy dose of radiation that puts travelers more at risk of developing cancer than being killed in a terrorist attack.

In the video, Jon states he was inspired to test this deficiency of the scanners by a comment from Rafi Sela, who ran security at Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport. Sela claimed he could “overcome the body scanners with enough explosives to take down a Boeing 747” — a warning the US has ignored.

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