An engineering company in Northern Italy, Ma-Vib, fired 13 out of their 18 female employees, all between the ages of 30-40. None of their 12 male employees were fired. According to the, the company reported to the small business association,

“We are firing the women so they can stay at home and look after the children. In any case, what they bring in is a second income.”

At least they were honest, right?

The family run company that makes electric fans and blowers for air conditioning, refrigeration and heating equipment had apparently been facing a downturn in sales and needed to reduce the workforce. In a country where women employment rates are among the lowest in the European Union, just one in five women return to work after having their first child.

Engineering union secretary Maria Sciancati was quoted in Jezebel, saying,

“In this country, at the government and company level, there is always the same old thinking –- that it is preferable that women stay at home.”

If they really want to keep the women at home, they should just revoke womens’ right to have a driver’s license.

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