THIS VIDEO by Pakistani rappers Adil Omar and Ali Gul Pir is, according to Omar’s Facebook page, the most viral video in Pakistan this week. Which is quite significant, considering that YouTube has been banned in the country since September 2012.

…‪#‎KholoBC‬ has reached 647,521 people on Facebook so far, with over 125,000 active clicks – 14k hits on Vimeo and 5k on YouTube, making it the most viral video in Pakistan so far this week. Let’s not stop there. We could make a difference. Keep pushing the video and keep using the #KholoBC hash-tag. State censorship should be fought, and to all in opposition of #KholoBC, or in favor of the YouTube ban, do us a favor and stay the f*ck off YouTube when it’s finally opened.

To learn more about the #KholoBC campaign — a protest against Pakistan’s censorship methods — check out this article on GlobalVoices.