Matador first learned of Casa do Caminho* in 2008, when regular contributor Jacob Bielanski filed the article, “Casa do Caminho: Getting Orphans Off the Street.”

Photo: Zanini H

The organization, based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, offers assistance and shelter to kids who have been living on the streets, and provides volunteer opportunities to travelers who’d like to help educate the kids and provide them with stability they’ve lacked in their families.

Casa do Caminho has just announced a new service that might interest travelers: Portuguese language courses. Just three blocks away from the beach, the Casa’s language school offers regular, intensive, and customized language courses for all levels of learners. Courses are 150 reais, about $65 USD, a month, and profit from the classes goes to support the organization’s services for kids.

For more information, visit the Caminhos Language Center.

*Note: It is now called Caminhos Language Centre.

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