Sao Paulo, Brazil, is not known for being Brazil’s most beautiful city. Architecturally, it’s fairly uninteresting, and the landscape isn’t breathtaking like that of Rio de Janeiro.

But it is known for its graffiti and its street art. They’ve created a new initiative called Color + City that allows people with a free, boring wall, to post it on their website, and then the site rents it out to local artists, or just random local people who want to try their hand at street art. The initiative, which has spread to several other cities in Brazil as well as cities in North America and Europe, allows pretty much anyone to take part in the beautification of their city.

As a street art fan, I’m absolutely thrilled to see initiatives like this: I’ve lived in several neighborhoods with thriving street-art communities, and it always adds a distinctive flair to your home that makes it feel more personal, more yours. If you are an artist or if you own a wall, check it out. This needs to be everywhere.

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