MAGGIE DOYNE is only 23 years old, but she knew at 18 that there was a lot more to the world than the traditional life path of our Western culture. After backpacking and volunteering in the South Pacific Islands, Maggie found herself in northeastern India where she worked with Nepalese refugees. In 2006 she headed to Nepal with a young Nepalese girl she had befriended and who hadn’t been home to her village since she left at the start of the Maoist insurgency. What she discovered there changed everything. She witnessed orphaned child laborers in whom she saw herself.

She started sponsoring one child’s education, which then grew to 10. Using her life’s savings and with the support of the local community she eventually bought a piece of land and built a home that housed 30 orphans. She is now also responsible for a school being built that educates 230 children.

This is her inspiring story.

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