MARCH IS WOMEN’S HISTORY MONTH. All over the world, students will read about females who have pushed boundaries, shattered ceilings, and made the world better for the children studying them.

Here is another important lesson: The Center for Reproductive Rights created an incredible interactive map where visitors can easily see the differences in international abortion laws. Countries are first sorted into one of five categories:

  • To save the woman’s life or prohibited altogether
  • To preserve health
  • Socioeconomic grounds
  • Without restriction as to reason
  • Unknown

Take at look at which countries fall under these general categories, and then click on an individual country to read more about the specifics of the laws there.

As an American, I am aware of the differences in laws across the states. But as an expat, I realized after looking at this map that I don’t know what the laws are in my current home, Japan. Now I know. Abortion after rape is OK, but spousal consent is required.

Take a moment to visit this map and educate yourself on where and under what restrictions women are able to receive an abortion worldwide.