I AM ACTUALLY curious to hear how other people react to this music video, created by Jah Marley, promoting the #WaveOfAction campaign. I found the imagery, and the fast-paced rapping, to be overwhelming. I also wasn’t sure what the actual point of the video was supposed to be — government bad, rap music good? Are those strobe light effects really necessary? Who even still listens to the band, Korn?

While I don’t think the world is perfect, nor do I see America’s problems being solved anytime soon, I’m not sure this is the best advertisement to raise political awareness for…whatever the artists are trying to say here. I am all for people being the change they wish to see, and being more politically active than just voting, which is what the #WaveOfAction project seems to be about; this video doesn’t really convince me of their cause however, nor does it tell me anything I didn’t already know.

What do you think about it? Voice your opinions in the comments section below.