Hawaiian guitarist Makana sang a protest ballad and donned an Occupy t-shirt in front of President Obama and other leaders at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum in Honolulu on Saturday, November 12th.

IN THE VIDEO he later uploaded to YouTube, Makana discusses his actions and his nervousness leading up to the event. After unbuttoning his shirt to reveal an “Occupy With Aloha” t-shirt underneath, he abandoned the instrumental music he was expected to provide in favor of his own ballad, entitled “We Are the Many.”

Photo courtesy of Yes Lab

Makana starts softly with the lines “Ye come here gather ’round the stage, the time has come for us to voice our rage.” The lyrics don’t tiptoe around the topic; the tune ends with “we’ll occupy the streets, we’ll occupy the courts, we’ll occupy the offices of you, till you do the bidding of the many, not the few.”

“If that’s where we’ve come to in the world, where we’re afraid to say certain things in the company of certain people, I think that’s a dangerous place to be,” Makana explains in the video. “So for me to move out of that space, I had to sing the song. And that’s what I did.”

Much respect.

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