Most of us don’t think of India as a typical haven for hockey lovers, but it just so happens that hockey in the Himalayas is a thing. (Also, alliteration rocks.)

Canadian Andrew Wahba is the man behind True Travellers Society, a website aimed at local integration and “off the tourist track” experiences. He started a fundraising drive to deliver hockey equipment to those living in Ladakh, India. His friend James Turner had been a hockey coach there, and he explained how the kids loved the sport and worked hard to maintain their rink, but accessing equipment was a huge barrier.

Andrew says gathering the equipment was a team effort, and True Travellers Society garnered a lot of support from Andrew’s home province of Saskatchewan. The mission was even aided by a local nonprofit called Ranch Ehrlo — an organization that provides an outdoor hockey program for children who miss out on sporting opportunities due to poverty or other barriers.

Canadian hockey fans. Gotta love ‘em.

Andrew and True Travellers Society ended up receiving over 500 kilograms of gear from all over Saskatchewan. The video says it all.

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