I’VE ALWAYS been a proud Canadian. But these days there are more and more reasons to rethink that: the Alberta tar sands, the proposed Enbridge pipeline (which, because of the recently re-elected Liberal government in BC, is now more likely to become a reality), our ineffectiveness — or, rather, inaction — on addressing global climate change, Jumbo Glacier Ski Resort. The list goes on (feel free to add to it in the comments below).

Collecting for Vancouver Foodbank

Collecting for Vancouver Foodbank. Photo: Kris Krug

If you watch the video above you’ll see comments made by the Canadian government which effectively shrug off the rapidly growing problem of poverty in this country. How could Canada possibly have a poverty issue? We’re a wealthy country! That poverty stuff, that’s for places like Africa (right?). Instead of really listening to what a special UN investigator had to say about the issue across the country, the government chose to get defensive about it. You can’t say that about our country! This is Canada! We’re great!

It would be our hope that the contributions we make to the United Nations are used to help starving people in developing countries, not to give lectures to wealthy and developed countries like Canada. ~ Jason Kenney, Minister of Citizenship & Immigration

Country-wide, we are approaching a million people who rely on food banks. Remember, we only have around 35 million. I know people who use food banks. And they’re not who you would expect. Not in a hundred years. Think you could pick out a food bank patron based on how they look? Think food banks are only for the homeless or people who live in shelters? Guess again: They only make up 2% of food bank users.

This campaign wants to air a 30-second commercial to bring the truth to Canadians. They’ve already raised enough to buy a spot during a primetime news hour. They still need a bit more to buy a spot during an NHL playoff game. The indiegogo campaign ends on May 17 at midnight. If this riles you up, help make this happen. I just did.

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